Dental Procedures

There are several periodontal procedures that can be done to treat a patient’s periodontitis, with the specific method depending on how severe the condition has progressed. If the disease is caught in the early stages, non-surgical periodontal procedures can get rid of the infection. If the condition has progressed to the extent where the gum pockets are deep and/or the supporting bone is damaged, surgical treatments may be required. Our offices provide periodontal procedures to regenerate the gum tissue and the supporting bone to their original state.

Dental implants can give you back that brilliant smile, the perfect solution for patients who suffer from periodontal disease, as well as other dental issues that result in the loss of teeth and damaged gums.

Periodontics takes dentistry to a whole new level, offering treatments and procedures that provide long-term solutions for patients who suffer from the symptoms and effects of periodontal disease.