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Computer Guided Surgery

The most accessible and reliable dental procedure for many patients is a computer-guided surgery. This procedure integrates numerous surgical and restorative methods, as well as laboratory screening phases related to dental implant therapy. Such an advanced and convenient procedure will allow you to work with a proactive dental team in order to come up of a result-oriented treatment plan. Another advantage of computer-guided surgery is its dynamic flexibility – your periodontist and dentist can plan your surgery in the soonest time possible. Time and resources won’t be wasted.

Dental Implant Technologies - Toledo Dentist

As the field of dental implant therapy has become more successful, so did the accuracy and usefulness of computer-guided surgery. If you have doubts about dental implants, worry no more – computer-guided surgery is 100% safe and discomfort-free.

Digital Impressions

At a certain point in our lives, we will all be required to have dental impressions. Basically, dental impressions are imprints and patterns of a patient’s upper and lower teeth. Traditional dental impression materials are still used today but they’re messy, uncomfortable, and expensive. You also need additional visits to the dentist. Many patients have also experienced discomfort, particularly gagging.

Digital impressions are the future. These impressions are patient-friendly, faster, cleaner, and definitely more accurate. We are happy to offer digital impression procedures on behalf of your dentist during your post-op appointment. This will reduce the number of visits to your dentist’s office, thus helping you save time and money. With a digital impression technique, you can get a more refined, high-quality crown that will last a long time.

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