Periodontal & Cosmetic

We can help bring harmony to your mouth.

Most patients visit a periodontist for one or a combination of: implants, the treatment of periodontal disease, and/or cosmetic surgery.

If you have missing teeth that need to be extracted, you can always try dental implants. These are the closest natural tooth replacements available today. Rest assured, our team will review all possible options so that you can make the best decision regarding your teeth replacement needs.

We understand that the link between periodontal health and overall health is fully backed by science. Basically, Periodontal disease in its early stages is best treated with non-surgical periodontal therapy. Thanks to the expertise of our team, we were able to develop a comprehensive non-surgical hygiene program to ensure that all factors are properly considered. Always remember that tissue appearance is as important as tissue health prior to surgical intervention.

Some periodontal treatments are “cosmetic” in nature. You can choose from multiple treatments available that can enhance your smile. One example of these procedures is crown lengthening – it is guaranteed to improve your dental health and teeth appearance.

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Our front office team will assist with scheduling your appointments, as well as in processing dental insurance claims. We will answer your entire question and concerns even before any treatment begins. We also strive hard to ensure our patients receive the most conservative treatment plan with the best outcome. You don’t even need a referral to book a consultation with us!