Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

Smile with confidence.

Periodontal procedures are available to improve the aesthetics of your smile.  Whether you want to restore you youthful appearance or uncover the beauty within, we are always ready to help.

Short Teeth

Even though your teeth may appear short, they probably have the ample length – it’s just that they’re covered by too much gum tissue. On the other hand, your teeth are possibly short because they’re worn down. This calls for a procedure known as crown lengthening. In this procedure, we will reshape excess gum and bone tissue to create well-proportioned teeth. We may have to work on multiple teeth to even out your gum line. Eventually, this can lead to a harmonious, confidence-boosting smile!

Long Teeth

Opposite of short teeth, long teeth can also be unsightly. Soft tissue grafting is a procedure used to cover unattractive tooth roots and reduce gum recession. A soft tissue grafting procedure can also protect the teeth roots from decay, thus minimizing teeth loss as well.

Lacking Bone Support

If a tooth is missing, there’s no growth stimulation within your gums and bones. This will cause recession, creating an unnatural-looking indentation in your face. Consequently, this will make look a few years older than you’re supposed to be. Even a dental bridge or denture cannot recapture the original look of your mouth because of empty spaces under the replacement teeth. Cosmetic Bone grafting is the real solution since it builds and retains the full support and appearance your jaws, restoring the youthful appearance of your teeth.

Cosmetic bone grafting can also reduce bone & soft tissue loss from teeth removal. The procedure will reduce shrinkage to ensure a natural-looking tooth replacement outcome.

Thin/Transparent Gums

Because of genetics, some people have insufficient or transparent tissue – so thin that you can see the white of the bone underneath. Additionally, a grey shadow may appear within a discolored root or an existing implant. As such, the affected tissue will advance to recession. We can help you get ahead of this situation by minimizing tissue loss even before teeth yellowing sets in. With our help, you can get the teeth that nature is supposed to give to you!